Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love your body!

In the 50s, this was perfection. Clearly, I'm living in the wrong decade.
In the 50's this was considered beautiful. Clearly I am living in the wrong decade.

I am going to start by saying you need to love your body regardless of what size you are..seriously.
All people are built differently, all shapes and sizes. As long as you are honestly taking care of your body.. that's all that matters! Don't be going out of your way to do everything in your power to get to a size 0.. your body is not a photo-shopped model on a magazine, its your body.. and it will do what it can.

So my progress for the past 20 days has been.. random. I thought for sure i wasn't losing anything.. almost gaining it felt like. 3 weeks ago when i stepped on the scale i was 147, as of this morning i stepped on the scale and i am 142.5!!!! WOOOHOOOO.
excuse me while i toot my own horn! 
Everyone who tries to lose weight knows the feeling when you see the numbers drop! I was so excited.

My green tea is officially gone, and i believe 100 percent that, that helped keep me under my calorie goal without dying. i think that my stomach has now adapted to not over eating. I have been doing really well now without the tea. I also have come to realize something that i did before, that i am now currently doing, which would be routine. I remember eating almost the same thing everyday when i first started this months ago. At least breakfast and lunch wise, dinner was always something different. But i learned that if you keep the same routine with eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch it helps. I know that sometimes people will get bored of eating the some thing everyday, but for me it helps. Like for lunches i always have salad with chopped chicken. It delicious and i can always add different veggies. Plus it keeps me full without feeling crappy and bloated. I measure everything out, put it in some containers and boom, there it is ready to go.

So my starting weight was:149
Current weight is:142.5
Total pounds lost: 6.5
Goal weight is: 137
Pounds to lose to get to goal weight: 5

My goal weight is 137.. weird number i know, but its my GOAL weight meaning, i will keep on doing what i can to maintain that weight.. or possible lose more. I havent been under 135 pounds for a long time. and im totally content with that weight.. my body wouldn't be my body if it lost too much weight, shoot, i wouldn't have any curves left ;)

until next time!

I must have a lot of good things coming my way

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A good healthy week

This week has been good..health wise I mean! Since last Wednesday I have been under or right on my calorie goal! (1260) I always try to at least 1200 calories. If you wat less than 1200 calories a day it will be harder to lose weight because it will put your body into starvation mode. So am i eating less calories and not dying?!? ;) One word: Vegetables! Like i said in my last post.. veggies will be your best friend.. and they will! They are low in calories and you can snack on them all day long! My favorite kind of veggies to snack on are green peppers, cucumbers, and celery! Yumm I usually will cut them all up put them in a snapware container (my favorite kind of containers) and grab whatever i plan to eat that day and pack it in my lunch bag for work! Measuring everything out is also the best way to go.. it helps you to not 'over do it'. Although there has been another thing that has been helping me to not eat and eat and eat. Which would be the green tea that i am drinking. I dont remember it making me feel so full last time i drank it, but anything helps! Here are some more benefits from drinking green tea hp:
  1. Delivers key antioxidants to help slow the aging process—inside and out.
  2. Boosts energy and sense of well being immediately.
  3. Promotes weight loss, and satisfies hunger.
  4. Enhances healthy immune system function.
  5. Helps prevent normal cells from turning cancerous.
  6. Provides building blocks for long-term wellness.
  7. Helps suppress the formation and growth of tumors.
  8. Improves cholesterol level regulation.
  9. Helps control blood pressure.
  10. Decreases the risk of stroke by making blood platelets less "sticky".
  11. Helps control blood sugar levels.
  12. Sugar-free and aspartame-free. Diabetic-friendly.
  13. Wards off viruses, fungi, and food-borne bacteria.
  14. Fights bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities and bad breath.
  15. Green Tea HP™ is the only green tea made from fresh, not dried, green tea leaves.
  16. Provides 1250 mg of green tea extract per serving (20X the amount in one cup of tea).
  17. Delicious, refreshing, natural fresh taste and color—no artificial colors or preservatives.
  18. Low calorie (All pixies are under 13 calories per serving).
  19. Provides 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C in each serving.
  20. Mixes instantly and tastes great, cold or hot.
  21. Carbonation free.
  22. Nutrient rich.
  23. Less than half the price of coffee and energy beverages.
  24. Patented chemical, alcohol and solvent-free, water extraction process.
  25. Easy to share, we never need to interrupt your favorite TV shows with annoying advertisements, as we reward our customers for sharing their experience with their friends.

So as i had said before i would be posting any progress on my weight if any. Well i have lost 2 lbs! I know i know its just 2 lbs but its always nice to see the scale go down instead of up.. am i right or am i right? 
  • Height: 5'3
  • Starting weight 149
  • Current weight 147.
  • Calorie intake goal 1260
  • Average calories burned a day 700
  • Pounds to lost to get to goal weight 12
To get an average of my calories burned a day i use a pedometer. I wear one all day long at work most days.. if i dont forget it! (momma brain). At my job i am always walking, so i burn about 570 cals at work. And then i will take my son for a walk/jog before or after work. We will usually be out for about 30-60 minutes depending on how long he wants to sit in his stroller ;) And that will usually burn anywhere from 200-400 cals depends on speed and distance. See, it does help to get out and take a walk! 
Well with that all being said.. i will tell you all that i still crave all the junk i used to.. it hasn't gone away just yet.. if ever. especially chocolate! But it is a battle that i choose to fight against everyday! If i can do it.. anyone can do it!

veggie comparison chart featuring cals, carbs, protein, fats

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

                 Lets start of today's post with some tricks that i have learned. shall we?

  • Using a smaller plate will trick the mind into thinking there is more food, and limits the amount of food you can put on it. [That doesn't mean go back for seconds ;)]
  • Drink lots of water.. all day long. 
  • Vegetables will be your best friend.
  • Eat all day long...Small meals of course! 
  • Prepare meals.. by this i mean, get your breakfast lunch and dinner ready! 
  • eat BREAKFAST..not eating after an hour of waking up will lower your metabolism.
  • Get your butt up and get movin' your not going to lose weight just sitting around (although i wish i could!)  

                     Honestly, these are just some things that i keep in mind through out the day.. doesn't mean that i have followed them every second!  Like eating breakfast..ehh.. I'm not a big breakfast eater, but if it helps hey, lets give it a try. And by try i dont mean go out and grab the biggest most greasiest thing you can find! Lately I have just been having a nutri-grain bar. they are only about 120 Cals each! Not the best thing i guess, but when i am in a hurry grabbing something to go is just what i need..Which leads to preparing meals.. Its so easy to pick something up while you are out, that preparing meals actually helps fight the urge to go get something! My schedule is all over the place, and i have learned that preparing meals sucks. Ha. Lately i have just been cutting up some veggies and taking those and calling it good! But i do occasionally have to pick something up, and i try to find something not so darn high in calories! Soon.. I will be doing a weekly weigh in.. i mean i do it anyway, but i will be posting it on my blog, to keep track of my progress if any. This week I've done OKAY not the best but better than i thought i would! My goal calorie intake is 1260 and thats in order to lose 1 pound each week! I usually always have one day a week that is my cheat day. I know I know.. a cheat day. Well thats the one day i dont have to feel guilty about eating what my little heart desires ;) although, having a cheat day you realize how shitty things make you feel. for example, your eating good and healthy all week, your cheat day comes around and you decide you want a soda. After drinking that soda you now get to feel huge and bloated for the rest of the day. Ugh nastiest feeling, I swear! So, what i have learned from cheat days is.. soon enough I'm not going to need one, but for now i do! 

                       I haven't really thrown myself into full gear yet. I have been waiting for one last kick of motivation..which should arrive today. My green tea! Something about that stuff just makes me excited to get movin'. I have been doing good with my coffee intake! I have only had it 2 times this week.. last week i only had it 4 which is better then 7 ;) I might have one today since I no longer will have one for quite some time! Well, im off to go clean some house, do some laundry, and hang out with my babe until work! But i will leave you with this...

Small changes to make a difference in your health :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh, the challenges.

                                Life is one big journey and I'm about to start another one!

            This time its going to be about what every girl gets teased about, obsesses over, talks about, wishes for, works for, and of course does anything in their power to do.. lose weight. Well in my case, just become more healthy, and perhaps lose a few pounds by doing so! Everyone always talked about how having a baby "ruins" your body and it will never be the same.. hmm i wouldn't say having a baby "ruined" my body, but it defiantly changed it! Ha. 

             I have done this before.. this whole lose weight business and it worked. But do you know how easy it is to get sucked back into old habits! I swear every time i hear someone talking about how they are on a "diet" and everything is going great.. i want to yell LIAR! They may not tell you or anyone else, but it is a pain in the ass to diet! As most of us women know! Plus who wants to diet?! Yes, you may lose the 5-10 pounds you wanted to while doing it, but the moment you are done with that "diet" you are going to eat your life away at all the things you wanted and couldn't have! And then why hello those awesome pounds you just lost are back where they were! (I'm speaking from experience, can you tell?)  So what i recommend and have done before is counting calories. So why did i stop you ask? Well.. i felt i was doing great.. i hit my goal weight and everything was peachy.. until those horrible old habits of eating junk came back! Oh, and not to mention trying and actually ENJOYING coffee came about! After that i just did whatever i pleased, and now here i am again at square one.. Well not exactly, but whatever! There are some resources that i have used in the past and are using them again. One is the myfitnesspal application! Honestly, this is an awesome app! www.myfitnesspal.com <--- go ahead and look at all the awesome stuff it does.. and as most of us have smart phones its easy to get to. I came across this app about 7 months ago, when i was reading up on calorie counting, i figured since its free i might as well try it. Everyone always talks about how awesome weight watchers is.. but i would rather not have to spend money when i count them for free! I also use the  runtastic app (The free version)  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.runtastic.android <--- More information there, but i love it. 
                   So, what i plan to do is just eat lower calorie foods and exercise more. Sounds easy enough right? Eh.. everything sounds easy until you actually have to just do it! The biggest thing i need to get rid of is coffee.. only because i drink like the highest calorie stuff.. but its sooooo good. ;) My plan to stop drinking coffee will be replacing it with green tea. I know I know everyone always says don't replace a bad habit, with another one. But green tea is actually good for you! The tea i will be drinking is called green tea hp.. its my favorite! www.greenteahp.com<--  All you wish to know about it is there. I have drank it before, but i didn't have a scale at the time to notice if any weight had come off, but what i love about it is the energy i get from it! Its only 8 calories per drink i believe (Which beats coffee any day) and they are delicious! Well, some flavors. I will also just be exercising as much as i can! No excuses! Like today for example.. it was snowing, but hey i went out and jogged/walked for an hour. My son loves it outside! I as everyone should know have a baby also.. so going to the gym is not really ideal. So i will be working out at home..or with him! 

                   Let's be completly honest.. NO ONE will ever work out, or eat healthy if they are not in the right mind set to.. Some people need a lot of motivation.. while some people may not need any. I for one am finally in the right mind set.. slowly but surely! I have reasons that keep me motivated, so i plan to be healthy and STAY healthy!  I will share with whoever wants to read this, the ups and downs i have while trying my hardest to shed some pounds. There is always some sort of commercial on TV trying to get you to buy some sort of weight loss product.. or some weird diet you find on the internet.. well i'm going to be here to just show people that eating healthy.. trying to kick old habits.. and exercising is honestly the only "trick" you need to lose some weight!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Well.. Well.. Well i do believe i have missed blogging! And to those of you who enjoy reading my blogs i do apologize i have been so busy. (excuses, excuses). Well I sure hope you all have been having an amazing life.. you only live it once right?!? 
Well these past few months have been AMAZING.I enjoy watching my little boy grow day by day. A lot of changes have happened this last few months, and i thank god that they have! 
To start: We moved! It seems like a lot of people are moving lately, well at least that is what i have seen on these blogs i have been reading! We moved and i am loving our new place. I defiantly like it more! It is more of a "home" feeling. Not just three big rooms. I am so excited to start decorating it. :) 
Some more big news is i got a different job! And boy oh boy was it a process. Well at least for me.. You know when you want something so bad and time just keeps on going by slower and slower. Yeah thats what it felt like. I enjoyed my job before i got this new one, but the hours were just not working for me.. i felt like i was never at home spending time with my son like i should be. But after a disappointment and waiting for what seems like forever, I finally got the job i was after, and I am LOVING it. I am still working full time, but i am off by 12:30 in the afternoon everyday. Ahhh its so nice. Minus the graveyard i have to do once a week, i am such a granny and like to go to bed early that graveyards just suck. & Im not a coffee drinker so i was dying my first graveyard. My second one i actually grabbed a nice iced coffee and i stayed up no problem ;). {coffee 
saved my bum} 
But I am loving it. (:
Going on in our home life.. Tristan is starting to wiggle around on the floor, trying to crawl and getting very dang close! He gets a little frustrated with it though. :P He is starting to get the cutest personality, i love it. He has his little screams when Chris is tickling him, his little whines when hes tired, and his angry scream when he gets annoyed and frustrated. I love it. :D Being a mom is the greatest thing in the whole world (Seriously). I was put on this earth to be a mom! <3
Well that is all for today. 
Until next time.. (:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What are you really thankful for..

I started with this quote, because honestly.. its the truth. Little things are the most important!

So, today i found my rockstar that i have been searching for! The second i opened it..the smell of that drink brought back so many memories! i couldn't believe that one smell of an energy drink, could bring back soooo many memories..So I don't always have the time to call/text all of my friends that i miss! But i do think about all of you, all the time! You guys are all such awesome friends! And since this month everyone has been posting about what they are thankful for.. i would like to tell you all how thankful i am to have grown up with you all and have the awesome memories that i got to have with you! I miss you guys sooo much! Now all of you come visit and meet my baaabbyyy :D. Even though we don't talk or haven't spoke for awhile.. i am and always will be here for you all! So TEXT ME SOMETIME! (:

Desiree - I miss your stinkin' guts! When ever you get the chance, come visit me! I'm dying for some us time, although it will be much different, now that we are grown up.. im sure we will manage to act like we are 10 again(;

Aishaa- I miss you, and i want you to come move up here!! I miss our walks around town and trying to squeeze into one jacket so we wouldn't be cold :P

Ryan patrick- you know, the smell of that rockstar reminded me alot of our old memories! Driving around in your old little white car, while the hood was on fire and you just kept walking away from it. LMAO. Or driving around with you acting like a bunch of idiots :P I hope you are doing good.. i mean how can't you be! Your outta that crappy town! ;) I miss you poptart.

Kari- Baby giiirrrrlll! i would love to hear from you, and see how you are doing! I miss our conversation

Karli- Yes, i think about you all the time too (;. I have a co-worker who used to live in New York, so when i see her i think of you! :P I miss everything we used to talk about and the times we would hang out and the times when we used to have sleepovers, making slushies with V8 juice ;)

Merlin John Jr.- I miss our crazy times in your car, our trips to Micky D's, and all the laughs that we had! I missss yooouu! 

Ashley Shurtleff: I miss seeing your face! I miss talking to you, and i think about you often! I hope you are doing good! I am always here for you!

Now that i am done with my whole emotional friend sha-bang. LOL I want everyone to know how truely greatful i am for them! Just because i didn't name you doesnt mean i dont think about you! Sometimes random things i see reminds me of random people.. I miss all my friends, but i am glad that we have all started growing up and moving on, although i will never forget all the memories we all had together!
I am also so very thankful for my parents! No matter what happens they have always been there to support me! Thank you mom for carrying my in your belly for 9 months,  and everything that you do for me, and my little family! & Thank you dad for always being there! Thank you to my new family! (The Mulliners) for being all such awesome in-laws! & Thank you Brad & Tracy for bringing Christian into this world! :D Im thankful to have such a wonderful sister, shes always sticking by my side through everything. Im thankful for my brother in law for all the times he went to get me food LOL but really i am thankful for him and my sister for bringing such an amazing nephew into this world! I don't know what i would do without them!
I am so entirely greatful for Christian <33333 He is my heart & soul! He is the best husband and dad in the world!! Thank you baby for all you do! You complete me!
And the most important thing i am greatful for.. my beautiful baby boy! I'm so blessed to have him here with us, he is the best baby and the happiest baby i have ever seen. I just loooveee him with everything!
Thank you Lord for all the people you have brought into my life..and thank you so much for my handsome baby!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Yes, I'm still blogging! (:

             Boy oh boy look how my son has grown! :D He is just the cutest baby in the world right?! 
Well  i have been having an itch to blog! So now that i have a little bit of time i decided to blog! Cuz i know you all missed my blog posts! :P 
          Well these past 7 weeks have been so amazing! I still can't believe that he is here, seeing him every day is the best feeling everrr! For all those Mom's out there you know what i'm talking about, and for all the new moms to come.. you will soon learn this amazing feeling! He is doing new things all the time! Newest thing he does how is smile! I LOOVEEE when he smiles really big! 
          So everyone always talks about how much sleep you will lose.. and how most babies will just cry all the time. Well at least that is what we have heard from some co-workers/friends. Well we have had some of that going on! But it really isn't all that bad! Honestly, sleeping is the last thing i care about. Which is totally not the way i used to be! Lol! I always wanted to sleep. But now the most important thing to me is spend as much time i can with my son! So i sleep when he sleeps..which is all the time! :P Except when he wakes up sometimes at 3 or 4 in the morning and wants to play ;) Its impossible to get mad when he wakes up crying and just wants to sit up and play.. its the cutest thing ever! 
           Well this past week was my first week back at work! Yuck! Let me just say for all you Moms out there that actually got to stay home with your babies,  i am jealous! You have no idea how good you have it!  I wish that i could afford not to work! Being away from him is the hardest thing right now! I've been dealing with it in my own way, but believe me it is hard!! I know that he is in good hands when I'm away at work, so that's a good thing! (: Thanks again Tracy! 
           So i had my six week check up last week! Nothing special there. Lol. But i am proud of myself for the weight that i am at! When you are pregnant, its okay to eat and to gain weight, but once you have that baby its hard to break those non stop eating habbits x). I am only 8 pounds away from the weight i was when i first found out i was pregnant! Thankk goooodness! My special diet lately has been.. Coca- cola and chocolateee.! Muahahah. I craved soda so much when i was pregnant it is all i want to drink! :P Some other things that changed after i had my baby is..i am always on time for things! I used to run late for everything.. if you know me well.. than you would totally agree! Everyone says you kind of have to be early because you have to get the baby ready and you ready, but that's not it. I'm actually on time for work everyday! :P And having time for me to get ready?! Please. There is no time for that. Lol all you moms who have longer hair and find time to do it, Kudos to you! I feel like shaving mine off! :P Another thing that changed is.. the way my clothes fit! i still fit into my 'regular' clothes, but not the way i used to! Recently i have been having the worse neck and back pain.. i am in more pain now than before i was pregnant or when i was pregnant! Pregnancy aged my  body i swear! Lol I also feel like I've lost my mind :P I forget things so easily now! I find myself writing little things down so i don't forget! When i was pregnant i read that your feet may grow well.. mine didnt :D They are now just skinner than before x).  
         Well today is my Saturday! So i am going to go finish hanging my Halloween decorations.. since i didn't get to it yesterday :P 
Have an awesome evening! 
'Till next time! 

                                                                 Happy October!